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10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Tourism Websites

January 2022 marked our twelfth anniversary, and we celebrated by launching the sixth incarnation of our Decant Digital website! When we initially started redesigning our website, we knew a fully-featured site with a learning management system to grow our brand presence and support our course offerings was necessary.

We required something unique to our brand, flexible, low cost and user-friendly.

Of course, we chose WordPress!

So what do we love about WordPress?

NO. 1 It’s Free!

WordPress is an Open Source System, and unlike others that claim to be free – it really is!
It’s free to download and install, and you don’t start getting charged once you have a certain amount of pages or visitors and all of the code is available to you.

You can download and install a free version of WordPress from WordPress.org yourself.

No. 2 It’s easy to use

Being user-friendly is what so many people love about WordPress.

While they’re not linked, the easiest way to explain it is that “if you can use Word, you can use WordPress”.

You don’t have to be a web developer or even have ever updated a website before to use it, as there are hundreds of tutorial videos online to step you through the process. 

The admin section is easy to navigate, and it’s easy to add more content to your website without knowing anything about HTML or code. This is great as you’re not going to want to throw your computer out the window when you want to add a new page…and it’s suitable for search engine optimisation (SEO) because you’re adding new content often!

No. 3 Themes by the thousand

Your site’s style, design, and navigation are controlled by a ‘theme’.

There are plenty of free ones available, and you can also buy others (termed “premium themes”).

If you’re running a small hotel, for instance, and need a tremendous multipurpose WordPress accommodation theme with an elegant design, then there are hundreds of themes available. The same goes for wine brands, food producers and tourism operators. There is a theme that will suit your business needs, and many come with online store options.

The best part – not only can you change the entire theme, but when you do, it won’t affect your content or functionality as that’s independent of the theme. Phew!

No. 4 Get more functionality whenever you want

The sky really is the limit for functionality on a WordPress site.

Right across the web, there are literally thousands of developers who have created a variety of plugins – from photo galleries to shopping carts to polls to contact forms to design tweaks, and much more.

Social networking is well and truly covered too. Thanks to some great plugins, you can easily integrate your website with your Facebook and other social media platforms.

And once again, you don’t have the expense of a web developer.

Check out WordPress.org, and you’ll see what we mean – there are lots and lots and lots of plugins available on the WordPress database that you can install with a click.

No. 5 Search engines love WordPress

WordPress comes with some great built-in features that see Google and other search engines lapping it up and making your website easy to find.

  • SEO plugins mean you can create excellent on-page SEO without needing to be an SEO guru!
  • By being able to add content quickly and easily, your website won’t become static – remember, Google loves websites that have new and fresh content.
  • The backend code of WordPress is nice and clean, so it makes it easier for Google to see your content.
  • Sharing is easy, so when others share your content, they build the best type of links to your site.

No. 6 Help is only a click away

Of course, if you’re trying to figure out something with your WordPress site, then we hope Decant Digital is your first port of call.

But in addition, you can also use the web as a resource and connect with the vast community worldwide who are using WordPress.

No. 7 It’s quick to install

One of the most common grievances I hear from customers is, ‘I’d love to change my website, but it’ll just take too long and be too hard.’

Not with WordPress!

No. 8 Blog it up

When WordPress launched almost 19 years ago, it was built purely as a blogging platform.

Fast forward to today, and while it’s now a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), it’s still the best platform to use for blogging.

And remember, a regular blog’s a great way to improve your online presence and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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No. 9 Keeping your website secure

Security is probably the biggest concern raised with WordPress. However, there are simple ways to keep your site hack-free. This includes:

  • Keep your WordPress version up-to-date
  • Download plugins from trusted developers and keep them updated
  • Change your password regularly and make your password strong
  • Install an anti-spam prevention plugin such as Akismet
  • Or get support through specific WordPress Management Packages

No. 10 Your website can change and grow with your tourism business

Rebranding? Easy, you can change your theme. Are you going to start selling online? Great – add an e-commerce plugin. Starting a company blog? Done!

Oh, and in case you think that it’s only tiny businesses who are taking advantage of WordPress because it’s free…think again. WordPress is also well supported and used by thousands of companies. From The Rolling Stones to Flickr, the Showcase tab on WordPress.org will quickly have you thinking otherwise.

Tania Shirgwin

Tania Shirgwin

Founder + Head Consultant

Tania is a marketing strategist specialising in tourism, wine and hospitality marketing. As founder of Decant Digital (formerly bizeez communications), Tania’s unique role over the past 14 years has enabled her to follow her passions of travel and her marketing obsessions of strategic marketing planning, consumer-focused web development, search optimisation, and training. With over 80 customised websites built to date, successful event marketing campaigns and new business branding, Tania’s wealth of experience ensures businesses continually increase website traffic, direct bookings, and sales via proven marketing tactics.

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