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Content Ideas for DTC Winery Email Newsletters

Sending a winery email newsletter is an easy, efficient and affordable direct to consumer (DTC) marketing tactic. It enables you to connect with valued consumers, boost brand awareness, and convert subscribers into repeat wine customers.

Out of all of the marketing channels available today, email marketing still offers the highest ROI.

Regular Marketing Communications

By sending a regular, engaging email communication, you can generate:

  • More customers
  • More attention
  • More opportunity, which of course, leads to
  • More SALES!

AND it is also one of the most straightforward strategies to turn a one-time tasting room visitor into a high converting repeat buyer or a lifetime club member.

Did you register those two highlights…. 

Repeat buyer or lifetime club member?

So why are you finding it difficult to send a regular newsletter to your valued, permission-based subscribers?

Is it because it takes time to be imaginative and engaging?

And let’s face it – we’re all stretched for time, and very few of us can compare to Hemingway, Rowling or Adams.

That’s why the winery newsletter gets left in the too hard pile. Or worse, it is a hastily put together shemozzle that looks like hundreds of other slap-bang sales pushing newsletters. 

But, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Hands down – email newsletters rule as a direct to consumer wine marketing tool.

So, please stop competing with the thousands of wine businesses and be true to your wine brand or wine experience.

If you have an email list, you must have already created a memorable wine experience for those who have signed up in your cellar door or other methods.

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Crafting a winery newsletter that offers the opportunity to learn more about you, your winery, and your wines should not be overlooked in your wine marketing strategy.

Your wine database or email list of subscribers have signed up voluntarily and have permitted you to send them information.

You have already got their attention – they are interested in your wines and want to know more.

They want to hear from you!

Keep in mind that just like all social media marketing, it is not about the numbers – it’s the quality of the people who sign up.

Your job now is to use your winery newsletters to keep them interested.

So how can you create engaging winery newsletters?

Like any wine brand communication, be mindful that email marketing is designed to establish a relationship with your following.

Rather than simply sending out offers and pushing WINE, WINE and more WINE, take the time to develop a rapport with your customers.

Share information with them that they will find relevant.

STOP the hard sell.

Please DO NOT just send out a winery newsletter once in a blue moon to push your wine sales.

You know what I mean!

We have all received THAT winery newsletter with only a wine offer which left us wondering – WT?

Email marketing is permission-based and it all started with a simple transaction. Your winery newsletter subscribers handed over their email addresses with the expectation they would receive something from you, which usually means a regular newsletter.

I’ll repeat it – They want to hear from you!

Publish an exciting, regular newsletter. When you present an opportunity for them to buy, they are more likely to reach into their wallets.

There are two golden rules before you start tapping away at the keyboard:

  1. Please do your best to make the primary content of your newsletter exclusive to the newsletter itself. If the content is not unique, there is no point in anyone staying a subscriber as they can get the content or offer elsewhere.
  2. Do not discount your newsletter’s content – make sure the content is as good or, if not better, than the standard content you produce.

So what are our top tips to get your creative juices flowing?

No. 1 Plan to Succeed

Like any other form of marketing, you’ll get more bang for your buck with a plan.

Instead of sending out random email blasts that annoy your readers, plan in advance by crafting a 90-day calendar. 

Regular newsletters, as opposed to random newsletters, whenever you feel like it, will help keep your wine brand top of mind and keep subscribers interested. And it helps create stronger relationships and enriches loyalty.

If you plan your newsletter campaigns, it gives you a framework for producing your great content. 

No.2 Pick a Theme

Whether you choose to send out a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter, it is good to pick a relevant theme each time.

It could be seasonal – such as vintage, Easter, Christmas, or one that’s specific to your wine business.

No.2 Lead from the Front

Your lead article is the place for your top news story.

Whether an exclusive update, a breaking news story, an award-winning tale, or a new addition to your team – the more exclusive or fresh the content, the better.

No.3 Exclusive Updates & Specials

Give your email subscribers the scoop on what is happening in the winery or cellar before it goes public – everyone loves being in the know and ahead of the game!

Why not set up a special such as an early-bird discount on a new release or event you are running that’s purely available to your newsletter subscribers.

No.4 Invite Subscribers Behind the Scenes

A winery newsletter allows you to add personal touches to your relationship with your subscribers.

So why not celebrate milestones like a great harvest, new wine releases, wine show awards, birthdays, engagements, and new additions. Anything that goes on behind the scenes makes readers feel like they are part of the inner sanctum.

No.5 Toot Your Own Horn!

Have you got an award-winning wine? Received a cracking review from another blogger or well-known wine writer? Or just really excited about the new vintage?

Tell your winery email subscribers all about it!

An email newsletter is a perfect place to sound the trumpets about new wines and products, offer special sales and discounts, encourage referrals and promote events.

No.6 Links, Links and More Links

And don’t forget to link to your other online marketing efforts – be it a summary of your blog posts of the month (with links) or any new developments on your website.

For example, your new release wines on your website wine store!

It will help drive more traffic to your website, which can help build potential for more sales.

No.7 Upcoming Events

Your winery newsletter is a great way to build hype and increase attendance to any cellar door events, tastings or festivities you may be hosting.

Be sure to include dates, prices and how to purchase tickets.

No.8 Establish your Unique Niche and Expertise

No one knows more about your wines and winery than you, making you an expert and giving you plenty of great, shareable insights and information.

So, get sharing!

Those nuggets of knowledge and experiences can deepen your relationship with your subscribers. They will convince potential wine buyers that your wines and winery are worth learning about.

Sharing links to resources you feel may be of value to your customers is another excellent way to establish rapport.

10 Review, Revise, Repeat

And like anything you do with marketing Review your data. If something is not working, Revise. AND if it is working, Repeat.

Do reach out if you need help crafting persuasive newsletter copy or setting up automation workflows, training, or total management of your email marketing. We have a suite of Email Marketing Services specific to the wine industry.

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Tania Shirgwin

Tania Shirgwin

Founder + Head Consultant

Tania is a marketing strategist specialising in tourism, wine and hospitality marketing. As founder of Decant Digital (formerly bizeez communications), Tania’s unique role over the past 14 years has enabled her to follow her passions of travel and her marketing obsessions of strategic marketing planning, consumer-focused web development, search optimisation, and training. With over 80 customised websites built to date, successful event marketing campaigns and new business branding, Tania’s wealth of experience ensures businesses continually increase website traffic, direct bookings, and sales via proven marketing tactics.

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