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Level Up your Email Marketing Skills & Strategies to Successfully Grow your DTC Sales

Email Marketing

Are your email marketing efforts struggling to get the results you want?


Do you use an email campaign provider but realise you don't understand its full potential to grow your DTC sales?


Are you struggling to build that vital email list of loyal subscribers?


Do you experience 'email shame' and feel embarrassed when you send another hastily put together email newsletter?


Does getting your email subscribers to open your email campaigns seem impossible?


Do you believe the once in a while email is best because you don't want to annoy your customers?


You've heard of Transactional Emails but don't know how they work or where to start?


Does your Adhoc email campaign look no different to millions of others in a consumer's inbox?


Do you ever feel your lacklustre email marketing tactics are holding you back from reaching your sales potential?

If you answered yes to any of the above, solving these problems is what we do every day for our clients at Decant Digital.


Email Marketing is More Important Than Ever Before!

Of all the different channels available to marketers today, email still ranks the highest for ROI.

But changes in deliverability algorithms, the sheer number of emails sent daily and getting your emails opened, can make it all seem more complicated than ever.

We want to show you how to change all that. 



In this course, you’ll learn how to craft email campaigns that get delivered, get opened, and most importantly… make SALES!

Here’s a sneak peak inside the course

The Course Content Covers:


  • The fundamentals of permission-based marketing, your legal obligations, and why email marketing is definitely NOT dead.

Module 2 –

  • The fundamentals of permission-based marketing, your legal obligations, and why email marketing is definitely NOT dead.


What You Will Learn:


The fundamentals of permission-based marketing, your legal obligations, and why email marketing is so powerful.


How to use email marketing to complement your marketing strategy and grow sales.


The tactics of building an email database of engaged subscribers.


What are three different types of email campaigns and their role in a successful email marketing strategy.


How to implment a transactional email workflow to welcome, engage, upsell, or re-engage consumers.


How to develop a ninety day email marketing calendar to organise your emails around promotions and events.


High-yielding strategies that increase open and click-through rates and best practices to optimise email campaigns.


Top-level strategies to optimise your email delivery process and organise your subject lines and email copy.


How to develop a ninety day email marketing calendar to organise your emails around promotions and events.

The Course Includes:


Done for You Transactional Email Templates For Increasing Customer Engagement and Sales

A swipe file of email marketing templates you can use to set up your own automation sequences to increase engagement and sales



Checklists for chosing the right email service provider, writing email copy, email sends and more. Everything to ensure you are sending profit generating emails.



A full year content calendar to help you craft, send and analyse your email marketing campaigns. 



A full resource list of more reading, files and downloadables. 


Tania ShirgwinHi! I’m Tania. I’ve been working in digital communications for over fifteen years, twelve through my agency, Decant Digital. I specialise in helping businesses craft compelling brand stories, develop websites that convert and create marketing campaigns that deliver and work across all consumer experience touchpoints.

Since 2010, I’ve run face-to-face workshops and online courses on digital marketing, where I equip and empower participants with the tools, knowledge and perspective to combine creativity with intelligent business marketing strategy.

Through strategic DTC email marketing practices, business owners and marketing professionals – JUST LIKE YOU, can grow a profitable brand without the overwhelm.

Email marketing is such a powerful tool and has generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

I’ve spent over fifteen years promoting and testing email marketing (yes, even before I started my own business, I was working on email marketing tactics), so I can confidently share valuable insights you can implement in your business.

And seriously, if you want to grow your customer base and DTC sales, you need to nurture your email list and measure your results. That’s why I’ve created the Email Marketing Mastery course. 



Over the past 10 years we have been able to help numerous wineries, breweries & distilleries grow their sales. Here are just a few kind words…

For years we have fumbled our way through our website management, social media communications and ad-hoc newsletters to our database. With a focus on quality wine production, the reality was that when it came to internet marketing, we were amateurs at best.

The world of best practice web design, social media management, Google and email marketing at a professional level is a different language – and one we didn’t speak very well. Working with Tania has opened our eyes, and opened up opportunities – she speaks the language fluently! – Michelle Holt, Poonawatta

I’ve been receiving Tania’s newsletter on marketing for a while now and this led to us recently retaining Decant Digital’s services for a small project. We’re really enjoying the process, learning loads along the way about DTC wine marketing,the feedback and getting our wine mailing list back in order!
 – David Hunt, Ivybrook Farm

We contacted Decant Digital to help us work on an email marketing campaign and we’re very happy with the outcome. Tania was responsive to our queries, knowledgeable and helped us navigate a possible tricky situation with Mailchimp. I’m extremely pleased with the results. – Wayne Farquhar, Dell’uva Wines 

WHat does it cost?

Your investment will achieve a greater understanding of email marketing and increase your DTC sales.

One Payment

$199 AUD

4 x Weekly Payments

$49.75 AUD



What happens once I purchase?

Once you have signed up, you will receive a Welcome Email with instructions, including how to log into the course account. The Course Login is where you will find the course materials, such as short videos, downloadables, learning quizzes and more research and resources.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered online in four modules, each with specific topics offered in short, bite-sized videos, work materials and checklists.

We also have fun surveys that will help cement your learnings during the course.

At what level is this course suitable?

We created this course so you can achieve success in email marketing, no matter your level of learning. Some ideas you may already understand, but others will be Ah-Ha and Wow moments!

We cover the foundations of email marketing right through to in-depth campaign types. Each step of the way shows you examples and offers ideas so you can craft your own email campaigns.

Is this only suitable for Wineries, Breweries or Distilleries?

While we specialise in this area and offer many examples in this area, we have created this course for anyone wanting to learn about email marketing to gain great insight and feel comfortable launching their own campaigns.

Is there a certificate of completion available?

Yes, there is. We were hoping you take the learnings back to your business and implement the tactics so you can grow your email marketing capabilities and sales. However, this is not currently a nationally recognised VET training course.

How long do I have to complete the online course?

The Email Marketing Mastery Course is a self-paced online course, meaning you can start and finish it whenever you want. 

The timing is totally your call! You will have lifetime access to the materials (lifetime access, usually in the digital world, means 18 to 24 months). When we update the course in 2023, you will have access to any updated materials.

I don’t have an eCommerce (online store). Will this course work for me?

Yes and No. Even though we use examples and data of online sales throughout the workshop, this course will still benefit anyone who wants to understand email marketing.

Can you send me a Tax Invoice?

Yes, of course, we can! Contact us at, and we’ll organise a tax invoice to be sent to you.

Do you have a refund policy?

We are fully committed to helping you with your email marketing. If you undertake this workshop and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.


We do this because we take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of encouragement and action-oriented learning.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed homework from all available modules. This means you must take action in this program, and we know that you’ll get results if you take action and do the work.

I want more help with my email marketing – do you offer it as a service?

We most certainly do! Our Done for You services cover everything, including setting up the Email Service Provider, creating on-brand templates, crafting an email marketing strategy, writing the campaigns and measuring success. 

We also offer to coach those that want to do it themselves but want the guidance of a professional email marketing specialist to help them reach their full potential. 

We are happy to discuss options outside of the course, so get in touch by email at with any further queries. 

I want to do this as an in-person workshop. Do you run in-person workshops?

Yes, we are happy to run this course as a hands-on workshop Australia wide. We will need a minimum of 6 attendees and your help securing a workspace to run the workshops. Still, we will be more than happy to talk to you about the opportunity. Contact us at


Do NOT Send Another Email Marketing Campaign Without Taking This Course First.

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