Are your DTC email marketing efforts struggling to get the results you want?

Then this is for you…

Done For You Automation Email Swipe File

for Wineries

Email Marketing


Email Marketing is More Important Than Ever Before!

Of all the different marketing channels available today, email still ranks the highest for ROI.

But changes in deliverability algorithms, the sheer number of emails sent daily and getting your emails opened, can make it all seem more complicated than ever.

We want to show you how to change all that AND go beyond the sales newsletter.

Building an email list and sending “newsletters” is only the tip of the iceberg.

By layering in email automation not only can you start sending emails to your subscribers at the time when they are most interested or likely to buy from you, BUT you can also start to automate your systems and save yourself time.

To truly grow your DTC wine sales via email marketing, you have to implement nurture sequences so that wine consumers can become your loyal wine buyers!




With Automated Transactional Emails of course!



Automated emails have 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than standard email messages?


Automated email campaigns are responsible for 21% of all email marketing revenue?


The three major benefits of email automation are time saving (30%), lead generation (22%), and an increase in revenue (17%)?

What’s more, automated emails have a higher deliverability rate and are more likely to be opened. 


Because when your email subscribers interact with your e-commerce store, booking system or website, your email automations respond with exactly what they need at that moment to help them along their sales journey.  

Without a solid Email Marketing ecosystem including automation emails you are leaking DTC wine sales Left, Right & Centre!



The Done for You Automation Email Swipe File will help you create your own well-crafted automation emails and sequences to engage your winery email subscribers, gain more open rates, click through rates and ultimately sales. 



20 email templates proven to propel open rates, clicks and sales while taking the stress out of you writing these important automated emails yourself including…


Welcome Emails with Automated Onboarding Sequence


Thank You Emails to Grow Customer Loyalty


Abandoned Cart Emails with Recovery Sequence


Anniversary Emails with Ideas to Increase Engagement


Reconnect Emails & Automated Sequence Options

Each email template has highlighted content that you change to personalise.

The Done for You Automation Email Swipe File will help you create your own well crafted automation emails and sequences to engage your winery email subscribers, gain more open rates, click through rates and ultimately sales!


Tania ShirgwinHi! I’m Tania. I’ve been working in digital communications for over fifteen years, twelve through my agency, Decant Digital. I specialise in helping wine & tourism businesses craft compelling brand stories, develop websites that convert and create marketing campaigns that deliver.

Since 2010, I’ve run face-to-face workshops and online courses on digital marketing, where I equip and empower participants with the tools, knowledge and perspective to combine creativity with intelligent business marketing strategy.

Through strategic DTC email marketing practices, business owners and marketing professionals – JUST LIKE YOU, can grow a profitable wine brand without the overwhelm.

Email marketing is such a powerful tool and has generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

I’ve spent over fifteen years testing email marketing (yes, even before I started my own business, I was working on email marketing tactics), so I can confidently share valuable insights you can implement in your business.

And seriously, if you want to grow your customer base and DTC wine sales, you need to nurture your email list with automation emails. That’s why I’ve created the Done for You Automation Email Marketing Swipe File. 



Over the past 12 years I have been able to help numerous wineries, breweries & distilleries grow their DTC sales. Here are just a few kind words…

For years we have fumbled our way through our website management, social media communications and ad-hoc newsletters to our database. With a focus on quality wine production, the reality was that when it came to internet marketing, we were amateurs at best.

The world of best practice web design, social media management, Google and email marketing at a professional level is a different language – and one we didn’t speak very well. Working with Tania has opened our eyes, and opened up opportunities – she speaks the language fluently! – Michelle Holt, Poonawatta

I’ve been receiving Tania’s newsletter on marketing for a while now and this led to us recently retaining Decant Digital’s services for a small project. We’re really enjoying the process, learning loads along the way about DTC wine marketing, the feedback and getting our wine mailing list back in order!
 – David Hunt, Ivybrook Farm

We contacted Decant Digital to help us work on an email marketing campaign and we’re very happy with the outcome. Tania was responsive to our queries, knowledgeable and helped us navigate a possible tricky situation with Mailchimp. I’m extremely pleased with the results. – Wayne Farquhar, Dell’uva Wines



What Is A Swipe File?

A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven sales letters. Keeping a swipe file is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creatives as a reference for ideas for projects.

At Decant Digital, we use swipe files for many content areas. After twelve years, we’ve built up a great collection and this swipe file of 20 proven email templates we have used across many successful campaigns. So, we know they work!

Why Do Automation Emails Work?

Email automation is simply a marketing tool that allows you to create hyper-targeted emails that reach the right people with the right message at the right time. They work because your subscriber is expecting them and therefore is more likely to open the email.

Aren't Wine Buyers Getting Enough Emails? I'm Worried About Adding to the Noise and Being Annoying.

Firstly, there are 4 billion daily email users globally, and this number is expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025. (Statista, 2021).

Suppose your subscribers are using email and have given you permission to email them. Then, why not use this vital marketing tool and create valuable, authentic content to engage them?

Australia’s retail, eCommerce and consumer goods sector averages a return of $45. That means for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $45.

AND, Email reaches approximately 80% of the people you send it, while in comparison, Facebook’s average organic reach has sat at about 1-6%.

Email offers higher ROI and higher cut through than other marketing channels. Win!

Secondly, if you are asking, “am I being annoying?” – you probably aren’t. Those who are really annoying don’t think about it. But by asking this question, you care and will treat your subscriber’s email address with respect.

I Don't Want To Send The Same Ole Automated Emails You Have Created To My Customers. How Can I Create Something Unique?

That’s the beauty of THIS swipe file. I give you the word for word script for each automation email, and you can change it to suit your wine brand.

I guarantee you’ll get the creative juices flowing and come up with further ideas once you read through the swipe file.

But, if you’re time poor, you can use it word for word – it depends on you. Easy Peasy!

Do You Offer a Set Up Service If I Get Stuck Implementing The Automation Sequences?

Of course we do. Just reach out to us at

Is This Swipe File Only Suitable for Wineries?

While I have written this swipe file specifically for wineries, it can be adapted easily for breweries or distilleries. Indeed, it can be adapted for any eCommerce business wanting to grow their DTC sales with automation sequences. It will just take a little more creativity to change the wording to suit your exact niche. 

Can You Send Me a Tax Invoice?

You’ll get a confirmation of purchase email which can be used as a tax invoice upon purchase. Or you can contact us at, and we’ll organise a tax invoice to be sent to you.

Do You Have a Refund Policy

We are fully committed to helping you with your email marketing. However, due to the virtual and downloadable nature of the Swipe File, we cannot offer a refund.  

I Want More Help with My Email Marketing. Do You Offer This As a Service?

We most certainly do!

Our Done for You Email Marketing services cover everything, including set up of a new Email Service Provider, creation of on-brand templates, crafting an email marketing strategy, writing the campaigns, setting up automation sequences and measuring success

We can also offer to coach those that want to do it themselves but want the guidance of a professional email marketing specialist to help them reach their full potential. 

We are happy to discuss options, so get in touch by email at with any further queries. 

Do NOT Send Another Email Newsletter Without Implementing These Automation Sequences First.


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