Are you ready to build a new website or upgrade your current online offering?

Having designed and developed a myriad of websites since 2010, we know there could be a number of questions you have about the whole process, particularly if this is your first time.

This is why we have taken our wealth of experience and knowledge and applied it to the most common questions we receive from customers just like you.

We hope this assists you to move along your new website path. Take a read and get in touch if you feel we would be a good fit for your next website build.

Understanding the Foundations

Who owns my domain name?

You will own the domain. We will register the domain in your name and address and it belongs to you. This means you have ultimate control over it.

What is a domain name?

It is simply your website address on the internet i.e.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows businesses to station a website or web page onto the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers – computer in a data centre with your website on it.

Yes, we offer website + email hosting. Our latest managed web hosting plans are hosted on Australian services and offer speeds faster than ever before.

Who hosts my website?

That depends on the CMS you have chosen. If it’s a WordPress site, we will generally manage the hosting for you so you don’t need to do anything.

We host WordPress websites on SiteGround which is known globally for it’s WordPress optimised hosting. They have servers in Australia and we love their reliable, speedy WordPress hosting and support. Each website is managed individually to avoid any security issues. 

What does CMS mean?

CMS simply means the Content Management System that a website is built on. Some CMS are open source such as WordPress and others are proprietory such as Shopify, WIX & Squarespace.

What CMS do you use to build websites?

We build websites on WordPresss, Shopify, WIX & Squarespace.
Our preference for eCommerce is Shopify or WordPress. We do not build eCommerce websites on WIX or Squarespace. However, we do find these two CMS are fabulous for the small accommodation provider.

Will my website work on Mobile Devices?

Yes. We build responsive websites that are viewable across all devices. Responsive simply means it fits or adapts to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed – one website viewable on many devices. It’s mobile friendly.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website ranking higher on search engines such as Google. You know how it works – type something into Google and it comes up with information to assist you.  SEO is about getting your website coming up within consumer searches for specific keywords that relate to your business. When we build your website, we’ll cover this by optimising your website (on-page optimisation) with keywords and best practices. We also offer a full range of Paid Advertising + SEO services.

Understanding Pricing & Processes

Are you a Website Designer or Website Developer?

Oh – that’s such a good question. Some people are website designers (usually a graphic designer) and some are developers (the techy coding types). We do both! So, we can work with you on the look, layout, feel and user experience (UX) of the website and also build the website. Because we are specialists in the field of wine, tourism, hospitality we can offer you greater depth of knowledge of both the customer journey and technical aspects in this field. It’s a win / win!

How much does a website cost?

It all depends on what you require. To give you a starting point, the average cost of a website with us is around AUD$4,000. But this will vary according to your unique needs. No two websites are the same because there are so many variables.

When you are ready to get started with your website build, you’ll provide your budget as part of the briefing process and we’ll ensure that in return, we provide you with a firm idea of the cost for your website, and what we will deliver for this.

What is your website design & development process?

Creating a whole website can appear daunting to many! To help you feel confident about the steps and processes involved in bringing your new website to life, we recommend that you read through our proven Process so you understand how each step works.

Head over to our website design and development process and then pop back and read more of the frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

Again, it varies based on your unique requirements! But to give you starting point, a basic website typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks. Yet, we’ve been able to build a fully functional, search optimised site in less than three days.

It all depends on…

… a number of factors such as complexity of design, size, CMS, the quality of content that you have ready to use and then what still needs to be sourced.

This is why we will provide you with a Timeline in your proposal. This will give you a greater understanding of the process and deadlines involved. Importantly, it also enables us to manage your expectations and ours.

What content do you need to build the website?

That all depends on what type of website you require. If we are building a wine eCommerce site, imagery such as bottle shots, pricing and copy about the products will be required. If it is a tourism destination website, then will be different again. Content generally refers to copy (text) and imagery, videos, forms … you know the content of your website. 

We can assist you with creating content as we are a full service agency or you can deliver to us for your website build.

Can you assist me with Content?

Yes, we can! We are able to write your search optimised website copy, organise professional photography and videos, plus project manage the whole process if you wish. 

AND if you’re starting out or want a brand refresh we can also help you with branding and logo design

What happens once my website is launched?

While we specialise in this area, if you have a business outside of Wine, Tourism or Hospitality then we would still love to help you! We have built websites for all types of businesses, including a local Painter, Accountant, a Virtual Assistant, a Craft Online Store and more.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we provide all our clients with training on maintaining and updating content on their websites. PLUS, depending on the package you purchase we also are able to offer you a customised eBook which so many of our clients just love as it’s not a generic one size fits all manual, but directions specifically for their unique website. 

Understanding Our Offerings

Do you only build websites for beer, wine, spirits, tourism + hospitality businesses?

While we specialise in this area, if you have a business outside of Beer, Wine, Spirits, Tourism or Hospitality then we would still love to help you! We have built websites for all types of businesses, including a local Painter, Accountant, a Virtual Assistant, a Craft Online Store and more.

Do you offer website maintenance & support packages?

We sure do! We are not going to build something and just walk away. Just like every website we’ve built in the past 12 years, we want to see this creation we’ve built with you – thrive! And we won’t lie, WordPress does require tender love and care every now and then, which is why we offer you our WordPress Website Care Packages.

And our support doesn’t stop at WordPress! Talk to us about how we can continue to support you with Shopify, Wix or Squarespace. 

Do you only build websites or do you offer more services?

Heck yeah! We are solid all rounders in the modern marketing space. Think of us as your one stop shop if you like.

Check out our Services page.

Website Design is the appearance (look + feel), layout and user experience. Website Development is building and maintenance of websites.

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