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How to Choose a DTC Wine Marketing Email Service Provider

An Email Marketing Service Provider (EMSP) is a platform that hosts email marketing services on its servers, which are specifically optimised for bulk, commercial based emails. It’s specific EMAIL MARKETING SOFTWARE.

Suppose you send bulk emails through your regular Internet Service Provider (ISP). In that case, your campaign may be blocked as regular ISPs are not for bulk email sends.

A Lot of Choice

According to Email Vendor Selection, the total number of EMSPs as of May 2017 was 450. In 2022, it will be well over that figure!
So, there are a lot of choices out there!


59% of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. (SaleCycle)

EMSPs have advanced features like newsletter design tools, automation capabilities, ways to personalise content, and measure campaigns. These email marketing platforms have everything you need to grow your business. They can help you build your mailing list, engage with subscribers, and strengthen customer relationships.

It is best to research before locking in any particular EMSP, as they may not cover your unique needs with your first choice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an EMSP.

Does the EMSP offer:

  • A Free Trial – Do a test drive to see if the service meets your needs.
  • Apps & Integrations – Does the platform easily integrate with your eCommerce (online) store, POS and other marketing channels?
  • Support & Training – Is there easy-to-access training videos and customer support?
  • Customisable Mobile Responsive Templates – Are there easily customisable drag & drop templates to ensure your emails are stylised to your branding?
  • Reporting & Analytics – Does it provide detailed reporting on campaigns and your audience, i.e. open rates, click-through rates, sales, what the customer has purchased, when they purchased,
    engagement and therefore return on marketing investment?
  • Segmentation & Personalisation – Does it allow you send targetted emails to different groups and ensure communication is personalised?
  • Automation – Is there the opportunity to build out multiple automation workflows?
  • List growth and Sign-up Forms – Can forms be customised and used across multiple touchpoints such as social, website, QR codes etc?
  • A/B Split Testing – With the right email marketing software, you can test subject lines, images, messaging, CTA buttons, send times, and even message length. If you can see what’s working for your audience, you can learn from there and polish it to create the most successful emails ever.

Wrapping it Up

Our three favourite EMSPs are Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Klayvio. Each is a great starting point for the majority of wine brands, as they are well supported and cover all of the above. But many options are available with varying prices – so do your homework.

Need further DTC wine email marketing inspiration, but not ready to schedule a chat just yet? Why not take a look at our other blogs on DtC Wine Email Marketing – there is sure to be something that can assist you with your marketing. 

Tania Shirgwin

Tania Shirgwin

Founder + Head Consultant

Tania is a marketing strategist specialising in wine + tourism marketing. As founder of Decant Digital (formerly bizeez communications), Tania’s unique role over the past 12 years has enabled her to follow her passions of travel and her marketing obsessions of consumer-focused web development, search optimisation, strategic planning, and training. With over 80 customised websites built to date, successful event marketing and new business launch campaigns, Tania’s wealth of experience ensures businesses continually increase website traffic, direct bookings, and sales via proven marketing tactics.

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