Anlaby Station


Nestled along the Epicurean Way, a scenic route between the Barossa and Clare Valley lies Anlaby – a heritage-listed property with cultural significance on a state and national level. Known as the oldest merino sheep stud in South Australia, Anlaby has been transformed into a thriving tourism destination that welcomes over 8,000 visitors annually. With picturesque gardens designed in the mid-19th century by renowned landscape architect William Guilfoyle, Anlaby offers a glimpse into Australia’s pastoral past. However, its annual event, the Anlaby Spring Festival, sets Anlaby apart.

Held on 10 acres of beautifully maintained gardens, this festival is a unique cultural and heritage tourism contributor that attracts 2000 to 3000 visitors on the third weekend of October. The festival offers an unforgettable experience, including exploring historic buildings, strolling through magnificent gardens, and indulging in the region’s food and drink offerings.

Anlaby - enjoy the experience


Craft a three year event marketing strategy for the Anlaby Spring Festival.

Project completed April 2023.



Festival event marketing strategy