Highfield Farm & Woodland


Highfield Farm & Woodland is a family property near Tumut in the Riverina Highlands of NSW. The goal for the current custodians is to seamlessly blend small-scale, ethical, and sustainable farming practices with the preservation of one of Australia’s most critically endangered habitats.

Their off-grid, off-line and eco-luxury farm stay, known as Kestrel Nest EcoHut, offers guests an exceptional experience to reconnect with the wonders of nature.

By carefully stewarding the land, Louise and David are able sustain their farm and nurture the habitat for a diverse array of birds, animals, and plants that call Highfield Farm & Woodland home.


Louise sent a Brief to multiple agencies to participate in a new website design and development project with a unique focus on seamlessly communicating three key aspects:

Small-Scale, Ethical, and Sustainable Farming: The project required showcasing the client’s commitment to responsible and sustainable farming practices. The website needed to highlight their dedication to ethical farming methods and the cultivation of small-scale, eco-friendly agriculture.

Preservation of Critical Endangered Habitats: A significant part of the brief centered around the preservation efforts of one of Australia’s most critically endangered habitats. The website design and development had to effectively convey the client’s role in safeguarding this precious environment, emphasizing their conservation initiatives and contributions.

Kestrel Nest EcoHut: The project also involved the promotion of Kestrel Nest EcoHut, an eco-luxury, off-grid, and off-line accommodation nestled in picturesque farmland. The website was tasked with offering visitors an immersive experience that would allow them to reconnect with nature’s wonders. It was crucial for the website to reflect the extraordinary views and serene ambience of this unique destination.

We were delighted to receive the news one wet, windy night that we had been accepted as the agency to assist in creating a bit of magic online. 

The project commenced July 2023.

Computer on desk showing the website for Highfield Farm and Woodland



Brand style guide


Website design + development


Search optimised copywriting


Guidance with digital marketing & promotion


Flyers, posters + signage


Tourism marketing advisory


Ongoing WordPress website maintenance

What a hard-working, client-focussed team of accessible and communicative professionals. They ‘got’ the brief and delivered in spades. And never once did they make me feel like I’d asked a dumb question or just wasn’t website savvy. Great team. 100% recommend.
Louise, Highfield Farm & Woodland.