July 4, 2015
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Public Relations for Tourism: Crafting Your Unique Strategy

Establishing a good reputation is essential to running a tourism business, and generating ongoing positive publicity is crucial in maintaining your brand’s reputation. As more people become aware of your business, the potential of turning them into customers increases, and that’s where a good Public Relations Strategy comes in.

What is Public Relations

According to the Public Relations Institute of Australia, “Public Relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics”.

Simply put, it’s publicity.

Media Relations

When most of us think of Public Relations (PR) we generally think of the Media as generating publicity through media channels such as TV, radio, print, and online news sites is a cost-effective way of promoting business.

‘Media relations’ or ‘media outreach’ involves building functional relationships with media outlets to gain editorial coverage. A positive media endorsement or publicity can be a powerful tool of persuasion, as it is effectively a word-of-mouth recommendation.

It also has the added advantage of communicating a greater depth of information than what may be in an advert.

Earned Media

The main difference between publicity and advertising is that adverts are paid for, while PR placements are earned and secured through certain tactics and strategies. Earned Media such as PR is usually content created by others (that you have not paid for) and according to Nielson 92% of consumers say they trust Earned Media.

Tania Shirgwin

Tania Shirgwin

Founder + Head Consultant

Tania is a wine, tourism & hospitality marketing strategist specialising in wine tourism and epicure experience marketing. As founder of Decant Digital (formerly bizeez communications), Tania’s unique role over the past 12 years has enabled her to follow her passions of travel and her marketing obsessions of consumer-focused web development, search optimisation, strategic planning, and training. With over 70 customised wine & tourism websites built to date, successful event marketing and new business launch campaigns, Tania’s wealth of experience ensures businesses continually increase website traffic, direct bookings, and sales via proven marketing tactics.

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