Marketing is simply what you tell people about your business. Branding is what people say and feel about your business.

Position your Brand for Growth

Your logo plays a part in your brand, but contrary to popular belief – your logo is not the only component of your brand!

Renowned branding author Marty Neumeier sums it up by stating that “a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”

Think of it as the impression a person has of the ‘total’ of the experiences, ideas, and knowledge about your business – their gut feeling if they want to do business with you. Not the actual benefits or attributes of your product or services.

Your brand is crucial to the survival of your business as it is the basis of your position in the market and your competitive advantage.

We can work with you on your logo, style guidelines, tone and all aspects to help you build a solid brand.

Want to know more? We’d love to discuss some of our branding work in more detail, including how we have achieved measurable growth for our clients.

Designing a logo


Brand Development

Creatation of a brand that aligns with business objectives, market position and quickly communicates and strengthens your brand message.

Logo Design

Easily recognisable graphic symbol that identifies and communicates the essence of your brand to your staff, customers and competitors.

Style Guide

Written guidelines on logo use, tone of voice, editorial and content standards for your brand. 

Logo Collateral

Print and digital formats – perfect for small wineries, tourism operators and business start-ups.

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A new brand, or maybe you need help articulating your brand. We don’t just do digital, but can offer you a  full suite of marketing services that ensures your brand messaging is cohesive and consistent across all channels. 

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